Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Providing Support for NEIDs With Pandora Org

  • The president of the National NEID (chronic fatigue syndrome) non-profit whose members are heat intolerant.
  • Testimonial with products - Lori from Pandora Org
  • Story about NEIDs and why we're working with them
  • ME/CFS Symptoms - Temperature control problems, including night sweats or cold sensitivity.
  • Fibromyalgia Symptoms - Sound sensitivity, light sensitivity, temperature sensitivity

Last year, Polar Products noticed an order from an unfamiliar name - Pandora Org. After some research, our marketing manager Erin discovered that this was a blossoming non-profit organization that was split between Michigan and Florida. After some discussions and learning that those with NEIDs suffer from heat sensitivity, Polar Products wanted to help.

We are now looking forward to a new partnership with Pandora Org
Together we hope to help raise awareness for NEIDs and support those battling the diseases.

Look for a cooling vest program collaboration between Polar Products and Pandora Org in the near future!

What are Neuro-Endocrine-Immune Diseases?
"Neuro-endocrine-immune diseases (NEIDs) are chronic multi-system illnesses that take a dramatic toll on society, individuals and their families. They include myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndromefibromyalgia syndromechronic tick-borne infections, multiple chemical sensitivities / environmental illness and Gulf War illnesses.(from

To learn more about a specific disease, please visit the About NEIDs section of Pandora Org's website.

The Pandora Org Mission/Vision:
"Through the following efforts, we seek to alleviate the suffering caused by neuro-endocrine-immune diseases:
  • Advocating for improving patient quality of life
  • Community awareness projects
  • Patient education programs and conferences
  • Physician education programs
  • Research grants
  • Partnerships with other patient organizations
  • Collaborations with academia and biotech industry
We advocate for and work toward establishing centers of excellence for research, clinical care, physician education and government services assistance for NEIDs patients and their families."

For more information, please visit Pandora Org, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

While working with the lady from NEIDs (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) she mentioned 

Orthostatic Intolerance as a condition that cooling vests can help with and that most people with 

NEIDs have. I looked it up, be a good idea for everyone to know the term:

Orthostatic Intolerance

What are neuro-endocrine-immune diseases?

Neuro-endocrine-immune diseases (NEIDs) are chronic multi-system illnesses that take a dramatic toll on society, individuals and their families. They include myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome,fibromyalgia syndromechronic tick-borne infections, multiple chemical sensitivities / environmental illnessand Gulf War illnesses. Millions of Americans suffer from NEIDs.
Many of these patients cannot find knowledgeable healthcare, face obstacles in accessing social services and do not have the physical and emotional strength to be their own advocates.

The good news is that NEIDs are now receiving state and national attention. More good news is that scientific breakthroughs have brought a greater understanding of the biological abnormalities that may explain the debilitating symptoms associated with NEIDs. Even better, PANDORA Org and other patient organizations are now working together to advocate for physician education, increased government-funded research and government policies that will improve these patients' quality of life.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

"A True Bonus in My Recovery" #BePolarCool

We love hearing what customers think about our products, and we've gotten a lot of great feedback about our circulating cold-water therapy system, the Active Ice® Therapy System:

"Most physicians simply tell patients to "ice" an injured body part. But when the physician becomes the patient, she learns how messy and inconvenient most ice packs can be - not to mention they simply don't outlast the pain. No matter where you hurt, or why you hurt, pain takes your life away. When I blew out my knee I was not sleeping, in pain, and frustrated that nothing seemed to help. I purchased the active therapy system and now I call it my portable life support system - it provides immediate, continuous pain relief that is non-sedating and not addicting (unless ice is a vice!) I love this machine and it goes everywhere with me - day and night. Used as needed, intermittently, I find that I am more rested and relaxed - I thank you and I am sure my patients will thank you also!"

- Malinda Bell, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., Emergency Physician in Manistee, Michigan.

Jil, Polar's MS Consultant, using our Active Ice® System

"I bought my unit 4 years ago to help me through a series of knee surgeries. It has been excellent... A month ago I bought one for my mother who recently had a partial knee replacement surgery. This is a high value product that I would recommend to anyone with joint pain or swelling."

- Craig in Greenville, South Carolina

"This has been a life saver. My wife was having great pain in her knee and we had tried ice packs and it just didn't seem to work. It was hard to keep in place and needed changed out. We purchased the ice therapy system and she was able to relieve her pain and get the sleep needed to go to work."

- George

"The Active Ice System was an integral part of my recovery from double knee surgery. I had torn both my quad tendons from the bone as a result of an accident. The inflammation was unbelievable! In the absence of the Active Ice system, I do not believe that my overall recovery would have been as successful. I cannot think of a viable substitute. After surgery, my neighbor gave me the use of his system. After several weeks, I was sold and contacted Polar Products to acquire one of my own. I'm so glad that I did. My recommendation: Buy one of these units to facilitate recovery. You'll not be disappointed!"

- Steve in Ohio

Our Active Ice® System can be ordered with a y-shaped hose
connector (#AIS-D) to use two therapy bladders at once!

Polar Products' Active Ice® Therapy System is specifically designed for post-surgery, drug-free pain relief. Our comfortable and easy-to-use cold therapy system is great for knees, shoulders, back, ankles, elbows, calves, limbs and more!

Don't forget to share your photos and selfies with the hashtags #PolarProducts and #BePolarCool for a chance to be featured on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

We ❤️️ to see customer photos!

Thanks to all of our customers who have shared their feedback with us! You help our product line continue to grow and evolve. Please CONTACT US to share your experience and feedback with our garments.

Friday, August 17, 2018


Many people with multiple sclerosis are heat sensitive. MS research has proven that heat and humidity often aggravate common MS symptoms. MS research has also proven that cooling the body can help lessen the negative effects of heat and humidity on a person with MS.

Polar Products is a proud supplier for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America Cooling Program that offers cooling vests and accessories for adults with multiple sclerosis as well as children diagnosed with pediatric MS.

The children’s cooling vests are designed to fit children and pre-teens up to 100 lbs. 
(Teens should apply for the MSAA Adult Cooling Program.) Rather than using ice packs which freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, a children’s cooling vest uses ice packs that freeze solid at a moderate, safe temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit. These cooling packs release their cooling energy at this consistent and comfortable temperature for up to three hours. They can be frozen in a freezer, refrigerator or cooler of ice water. Packs are non-toxic and non-flammable.

Visit to print an application.
Please call MSAA at 1.800.532.7667 or email

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Cool First. Transport Second.

"Death from exertional heat stroke is 100 percent preventable when proper recognition and treatment protocols are implemented..." 

"Cold water immersion is the most effective way to treat a patient with exertional heat stroke..."

"An athlete suffering from exertional heat stroke should always be cooled first (via cold water immersion) before being transported by EMS to an emergency facility..." 

Excerpts from the Executive Summary of National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement on Exertional Heat Illnesses (2014)

Mike and Bill at the NATA Clinical Symposia and AT Expo
this summer in St. Louis, MO. 

The Polar Life Pod® is the only product expressly design for the purpose of cold water immersion... whenever and wherever needed! (Comparison of cooling technologies link)

Watch a Real Time Demonstration 
of the Polar Life Pod®:

The patent pending Polar Life Pod® was designed by Mike Laycox, a licensed athletic trainer, paramedic and former certified emergency room RN with over 30 years of clinical sports medicine, emergency room and EMS experience. 

See what Mike has to say about the Polar Life Pod®: 

Do you have questions about the Polar Life Pod®? 
Contact Mike Mockbee, Senior Product Manager 
Call: 1.800.763.8423

Friday, August 10, 2018


Just a few short years ago it was highly recommended that schools across the United States have a defibrillator somewhere accessible in the school in case of an emergency for its students.   Though the risk was low of having to use it, the thought was that if it was accessible and was used to save just one life from cardiac issues it was worth the minimal cost to have it in the school building. 

Many schools took heed of having one and even some parents got together and purchased a defibrillator to donate to their school because no one wanted to have to face the day of a ‘what if.’ 

Much like a defibrillator the Polar Life Pod offers the same piece of mind that having a defibrillator provides schools.  For athletes, who are in danger of heat illnesses, the Polar Life Pod offers a portable safety “piece of mind” solution to athletes who could possibly get very ill due to heat exhaustion or a state where the body temperature is over 104 degrees. 

The Polar Life Pod opens to immerse the entire human body covering everything but the face and allows the rapid cooling of the body.  If you would like to learn more about this product please visit