Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eaten Alive: Cooling Beneath the Snake-Proof Suit

We were so surprised to see one of our custom cooling systems on the Discovery Channel this weekend! 

Paul Rosolie, a snake researcher and conservationist, contacted us last spring to request a custom cooling vest to be worn in Peru while filming a show about anacondas. 

He failed to mention that the show was called Eaten Alive and that his intention was to be swallowed by a massive anaconda!

The show received many mixed reviews, and we won't spoil the ending for anyone who hasn't seen it. We will say that Paul, the snake and the cooling vest were not harmed during production. (Well, we can't say for certain that the cooling vest wasn't harmed... but we hope it's ok too!)

The suit worn by Paul Rosolie in 'Eaten Alive' (Discovery)

Paul's protective suit was made of multiple layers, each designed to protect against a specific threat:
  • First, Paul wore a biometric vest to enable his team to monitor his heart rate, his respiratory rate and his core body temperature during the action
  • He then added a custom Cool Flow® cooling vest designed by Polar Products (that's us!) to keep him from overheating while inside the snake's body
  • The next layer is a full-body Tyvek hazmat suit to protect against the snake's gastric juices
  • A layer of chainmail-type material to defend him against the snake's fangs 
  • Finally, on top of all of that, Paul wore an ultra-strong carbon-fiber shell to defend against crushing constriction

You can watch behind-the-scenes videos about the suit on YahooTVbut here are some of our favorite quotes:

"Here's the cooling vest. That'll keep you cool through the whole thing." - Ron (engineer)

"I am so &$@!ing freezing!" - Paul Rosolie
(Best. Testimonial. Ever.)

"Ok, let me turn the vest up a little." - Dr. Cynthia Bir

"Clearly overheating is not a problem." - Paul

"We're down in the Amazon in June. 
You're going to want to stay cool." - Ron

"See these little channels all  through here. There's going to be cool water running through that vest to cool you off." - Ron 

"It weighs less than a pound full of water." 
- Ron 

100 feet of insulated tubing between the vest and the cooling reservoir

We created custom Cool Flow® blanket systems to keep high-def cameras cool while filming The Hobbit in New Zealand, but this was our debut in front of the camera. We're proud to work with individuals to create custom cooling for their very unique applications!

Cool Flow® Cooling Vest System by Polar Products Inc.

Do you need to stay cool during high intensity work, strenuous activity or crazy adventures? We've got you covered! 

Contact us at 1-800-763-8423 or

Visit to see our complete line of personal cooling systems. 

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