Friday, July 19, 2013

Some like it soft, some like it COLD!

We love hearing what customers think about our products, and we've gotten a lot of great feedback about our fashion cooling scarves:

Fashion Cooling Scarf in Turquoise Paisley

"I love this scarf! I was diagnosed with MS last summer 
and am very sensitive to heat so this scarf has been a lifesaver. "

"On these hot summer days, it's great to cool 
the head along with the rest of the body."

"I like to sometimes make the knot pretty 
and other times I just tie it tight to my neck 
so the ice is right on my skin all around. 
I like that you can chose if it'll be dressy or sporty."

"Really loved the ease of use and 
the ability of it it to blend in with the outfit." 

"Practical, easy to store. Love the color."

"MS Awareness" Fashion Cooling Scarf in Blue Paisley

"Love the print. Nice fabric. Love the scarf. Easy to use." 

"It gives me back my freedom to 
go outside with family and friends!"

"I bought the orange one and really like 
the color and design a lot." 

"MS Awareness" Fashion Cooling Scarf in Orange Paisley

"My new scarves make the midwest summers 
and this year's unusual heat bearable 
and being outside fun again!!"

"I wear it to work and it helps me make it through the day."

So we listened when some customers told us,  

"I just wish the gel packs stayed cooler longer."

"Like one of the other reviewers, it sure would be nice if it lasted longer, but it came with extra ice packs so that helps. The ice packs are soft, not firm, so I'm sure that's one reason why it does not last as long."

We previously offered the scarves with a set of our Quick Cool Packs, which stay soft and flexible for comfortable, short-term cooling for up to 45 minutes. 

Quick Cool Packs

Many people love that the packs are soft and comfortable around the neck... but others want that cooling to last for hours!  

Our solution:

Fashion Cooling Scarves now include an extra set of our bestselling Kool Max® Cooling Packs along with a set of Quick Cool Packs!

Kool Max® Cooling Packs

Kool Max® water-based packs freeze solid in the freezer and offer extended cooling for up to 2 hours. With both sets of cooling packs, YOU can choose which works best for you! 

 Here's what customers say about the 
fashion scarves with the Kool Max® packs:

The cool aspect always works for two hours 
or so even in humid and hot weather.

Love the scarf and it really helps to keep my body temp. down in the heat, pretty as well, great for when I don't need the vest but still need a little help with keeping cool, MS is a all about managing and this helps me manage quite well!! :)

Fashion Cooling Scarf in Black Print

Fashion Scarves are $35 and include two 3" x 8" Quick Cool Packs, two 3" x 9"Kool Max® Packs, and one 100% cotton scarf!

Oh, and one last piece of feedback we're considering...

"More colors please!!"

So tell us: What colors and patterns would 
you like for a fashion cooling scarf?

Thanks to all of our customer who share their feedback with us!
You help our product line grow and evolve.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Polar Garden

Did you know that Polar has a 300 sq. foot vegetable garden on site?

Kate, Rose and Erin in the Polar garden.

The boss LOVES tomatoes, so we have two raised beds outside the office dedicated to all varieties of tomatoes, along with cucumbers, squash, hot peppers, watermelon, muskmelon and sunflowers.

Bill teaching Kate to till.

The garden is lovingly tended to by Kate and Rose. 
Here's a tomato's view of our gardeners:



Hopefully we can top last year's harvest!

Kate with tomatoes, 2012

Friday, July 12, 2013

Top 10 Tips for Staying Cool

Be cool and stay safe in the summer heat. Watch for signs of heat related illness, rest in the shade as needed, stay hydrated... and be prepared with Polar Products cooling vests and accessories!

Following are our “Top Ten” suggestions to beat the heat in the summertime:

1. Wear Light Clothing.

Wear light colors, which will absorb less heat from the sun. Loose fitting, lightweight cotton clothing will wick away moisture and improve comfort. Our Kool Max® and Cool58 cooling vests are constructed of 100% cotton twill.

Gardening Kit

2. Seek Shade. 

Avoid direct sunlight! When outside, wear a wide-brimmed hat, like our Cool Comfort® Straw Hat, and hang out in the shade when you can. Close window shades in the middle of the day to help keep your home cooler.

Cool Comfort® Straw Hat

3. Chill in the A.C. 

Spend time in air-conditioned places like libraries, theaters or the mall.

Polar's local public library in Hudson, OH

4. Increase Hydration. 

Combat dehydration by increasing your fluid intake and drinking a lot of water. Keep plastic bottles of water in the freezer and grab one when you are ready to go outside. As the ice melts, you will have a supply of cold water with you!

5. Avoid Extreme Heat. 

Schedule your appointments and activities in the early morning or later in the evening to take advantage of cooler times.

6. Cool Water. 

Cool showers or baths can be very satisfying when your body temperature is elevated. Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the refrigerator for a quick refreshing spray.

7. Exercise Wisely. 

Practice moderation and don’t overexert yourself. Scale back when needed. Pre-cooling, post-cooling and cooling during the exercise with our CoolFit® Kit may help!

CoolFit® Kit

8. Go Swimming. 

Swimming is a great low impact, comfortable exercise.

Beach Kit

9. Get a Cool Night’s Sleep. 

Use a fan, dehumidifier or A.C. at night. Sleeping with our Soft Ice® Cooling Pillow Case can increase comfort as well.

Soft Ice® Cooling Pillow Case

10. Wear Cooling Garments! 

Wearing cooling garments can have significant impact in helping you to get outside and stay active in the summer heat. Polar offers a very diverse line of cooling vests and accessories.

Cool58 Phase Change Zipper Vest

Visit us online at to see our full line of cooling products and to read first-hand accounts from people who personally use cooling products.

PS - Look out for your furry friends, too! 

Did you know that asphalt and concrete can reach temperatures of up to 200 degrees in the sun? Take walks in the evening to avoid burned paws, and check out our PolarPup™ cooling vests and crate coolers.

PolarPup™ Deluxe Vest with Neck Band
PolarPup Deluxe Vest with Neck Band

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wet Hot American Summer

(... and we're not just talking about the comedy from 2001!)

WET and HOT definitely describe conditions across the nation this season. We've had record-breaking on-line sales of cooling vests and accessories over the past two weeks, so we know it's hot out there! Whether you're traveling, active or simply trying to stay comfortable, we have a diverse line of products that can help...'s forecast highs for the Southwest Friday through Monday (
Source: The Washington Post


Last week, the temperatures in Death Valley shattered records when the mercury hit 128 degrees - that Saturday was the hottest June day anywhere in the country. Authorities were concerned about tourists who were not used to the desert heat, particularly those traveling to destinations such as Las Vegas, where the high was 117 degrees.

Our Cool Comfort® hybrid is great line of cooling garments for travel. The vests and accessories are lightweight and pack easily in a carry-on with no cooling packs to slow you down in the security lines.

Cool Comfort® Hybrid Performance Vest

Cool Comfort® is especially ideal for low humidity climates like the desert southwest! Simply activate the garment in water and it will provide a naturally cooling effect as the water evaporates. For additional cooling, the vest can also be chilled or frozen in a refrigerator or freezer for up to two hours of relief in any climate.

Cool Comfort® Hidden Vest


Cool Comfort® is also an excellent choice for running, cycling and other activities. With triple digit heat in areas like Southern California, walking and exercising in the early morning is a good plan.

Source: NBC News


On those hot evenings in Arizona, even the setting sun didn't bring relief... temperatures were still in the 90's throughout the night! Our Soft Ice® Cooling Pillowcase offers comfortable cooling for your head while you sleep.

Soft Ice® Cooling Pillowcase

Wherever you are this summer, and whatever you're up to, you can count on Polar Products to keep you cool, safe and comfortable. Visit our on-line store today.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

As we celebrate Independence Day and the holiday weekend with our co-workers, family and friends, we acknowledge and appreciate YOU, our customers. We are grateful for your support of this small, family-owned and operated business.

Polar staff and family at our 2013 Summer Kick-Off Picnic.

As you enjoy grilling out, watching fireworks or relaxing on the water with your loved ones, we hope you stay cool, comfortable and safe this holiday weekend!

Stay cool with Polar's Kool Max!
For all your cooling needs throughout the summer, please use discount code JULY4TH to save 10% on your on-line orders now through the weekend (offer ends Sunday, July 7th at midnight. One time use per customer. Good for the purchase of any Polar Product).

Warmest regards,
The Polar Family

PS - Today we wish a happy birthday to our VP, Jacob!

Billy, Jacob, Benjamin and Bill Graessle