Monday, February 23, 2015

Bring out the Sunscreen, Bill's Heading to Florida

After visiting MSAA in New Jersey last week, Bill is traveling again this week - this time to sunny Florida! While we're sure he will get much accomplished while meeting with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF) in Fort Lauderdale, we feel a little jealous here at the office - it's only 7° today here in Ohio!

Check out the MSF website for more information.

MSF is another wonderful non-profit with whom Polar Products works closely. They also have a great  cooling program to help provide cooling garments to people with MS who qualify for financial assistance.

Polar Products is proud to supply two high-quality kit options for the MSF Cooling Program:

1) The first option is the Polar Cool Comfort® Evaporative Kit. That kit includes a full vest, hat, necktie and wristbands that come in a blue or tan color.

The Cool Comfort Evaporative Kit from Polar Products

2) The second option is the Polar Fashion Vest Kit for Men or Women. This kit includes our best-selling fashion cooling vest and necktie that come in a black or tan color. The kit comes with your choice of our Kool Max® cooling packs or our Cool58® Phase Change cooling packs. (Click here to learn the difference.)

Men's Fashion Vest from Polar Products
Women's Fashion Vest from Polar Products

Those interested in seeing if they qualify for the MSF Cooling Program 

The Orange Campaign for MS Awareness

From now until the end of March, everyone is encouraged to join MSF to help raise awareness for multiple sclerosis by using the hashtags #Orange4MSF and #4MSF. Wear orange, post selfies with an orange and spread the word! Together with MSF, we can Paint the Internet Orange and continue to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis.

The Orange Campaign is on Facebook!
Social Media Manager Emily is #Orange4MSF

You can always stay updated with MSF via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their blog!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Visiting with MSAA

This week Polar’s president Bill is off to visit with the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA). Bill will go meet with Pete Damiri, the Vice President of Programs and Services along with many other fine folks at MSAA. Some of you may remember Pete from our visit to the Christmas Story House in December! MSAA is one of many wonderful non-profit organizations that help to assist people with MS; they provide cooling garments at no cost to people with MS who qualify for financial assistance.

MSAA Home Page

Polar Products supplies two kit options for the MSAA Cooling Program. The first kit, Option B, is our Polar CoolFit® Kit. That includes a Secrets Torso Cooling Wrap with elastic sides and Velcro attachment, Necktie, 2 Wrist Wraps, 2 Ankle Wraps and an extra set of cooling gel packs for all items.

Our second option, Option C, is the Polar Zipper Style Vest. This kit includes cooling gel packs must be frozen at 32 degrees, a vest that is worn over clothing and has adjustable at the shoulders, chest and waist. The kit also includes an extra set of cooling gel packs, Neck Collar and & extra set of segment packs.

Option B: Polar CoolFit Kit
Option C: Polar Zipper Style Vest

Check back next week as Bill heads down to warm Florida to visit with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF). To learn more about the non-profit cooling programs Polar Products has with both MSAA and MSF, please visit our Non-Profit Cooling Programs web page.

Check out what some of our customers have said about these kits:

“We bought the CoolFit® Kit as a gift for my sister-in-law. She calls us every day to tell us how much she loves it and how many new ways she has found to use all the pieces. This was the best gift ever for someone with MS who lives in a hot, hot climate!”
- Greg in CA

“I am writing to thank you, with all my heart, for the wonderful Kool Max Vest, ice packs, and other cooling items I received from you just a week or so ago. I never could have afforded such items, and I really do know now that I can become more active now with this heat resistance equipment."

- Elaine in Lexington, IN

Visit to learn more about MSAA's mission, programs and services for people with MS.

Click for more information about the MSAA application.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Please Welcome... Emily!

Polar Products would like to introduce the newest addition to our family: Emily Cubera! 

We are excited to have her join us as our Social Media Manager. With her background in business management from Ohio Dominican University and social media experience, we believe Emily is going to be a wonderful asset to Polar Products. 

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, connect with us on LinkedIn and keep up with our Instagram photos to interact with Emily and our team through our social media! J