Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Equestrian Cooling

The Equine Insider recently wrote a great review about our Kool Max® Fashion Vest for horseback riders.

Paige says, "I wore this vest both while riding and doing barn chores, and simply loved it!"

Kool Max® Fashion Vest

She really liked using the Cool58 packs with the vest because riders don't always have access to a freezer. 

Cool58 packs for the Fashion Vest

We received an e-mail this week from Carolyn. Here she is riding her horse Boo-Berry. Can you tell she's wearing a cooling vest beneath her jacket?!

Carolyn wrote: "Hello! I just wanted to share with you my experience with the vests. We gave the Kool Max® Vests out to MS patients in an event we call 'Ride To Be Cool'. It is a barrel racing event that promote awareness to MS patients with problems with heat. I wanted to share my photo at the Maine State championships. Here I am riding my horse Boo-Berry at the show. It was almost 90 degrees and I could fit my vest under my fancy shirt. Proof that you can stay cool and still look great! We were blinged out and cool enough to be able to compete! Thank you!" 

Yesterday another horseback rider posted this photo on Polar's Facebook page:

Joie is wearing our
Kool Max® Secrets Vest beneath her shirt!

"I am wearing the torso cooling vest under my shirt. It was a great day to go ride Dusty. Thank you for bringing me this joy again!" 
- Joie T. via our Facebook page

Over the years we've had many happy customers tell us that our cooling vests have helped them continue riding horses:

"Having a cooling vest changed my life! I ride horses and I was actually able to show on an 85 degree day! Now I don't have to plan around the weather to compete. Thank you!"
- Carolyn in Pittsfield, ME

"I have been training horses and teaching riding lessons for almost 40 years, and the heat of the summer gets harder to take as I get older. I am so thankful for the cooling vest, neck wrap, and wrist wraps that allow me to continue working with horses in the stifling heat and humidity. Without these cooling items, I'd have to give up the horses and work in an office! Thank you so much!"  
Annalisa in Kansas City, MO

"I have the Kool Max cooling vest and love it! I ride horses and this vest works great at keeping me cool."
- Sherry in Madill, OK

"I am really enjoying the Kool Max vest in the dog days of August and September in hot, humid southwest Georgia.  I have had trouble all summer with Lupus flares due to the intense heat and humidity.  The vest has allowed me to spend time with my horses even on very hot days without having to spend the next day in bed."
- L. Kelley in Georgia

We are so happy our cooling vests can help people continue doing the things they love - even when they experience heat-sensitivity!