Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Newly diagnosed with MS?

Here's what one of our customers with MS has to say about body cooling: 

"I was diagnosed with MS in January, so this is my first summer dealing with the heat and humidity and it's been a challenge. It's all well and good to choose to stay indoors in the AC; it's another thing to have to. Needless to say, your products have made a huge difference so far..."

Pair of Kool Max® Wrist Wraps

"... I LOVE the wrist wraps! They have made the difference between my being able to go to the gym in warmer weather." 

We understand MS heat-sensitivity, and we know our products can help. We are the leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of all types of personal cooling vests and accessories for people with multiple sclerosis. You can feel confident knowing we offer the best value and most effective products for your individual needs.

Click here to download our MS & Cooling Educational Guide!

Kool Max® is the #1 choice for MS. There are many styles of vests and accessories to choose from, and the water-based cooling packs offer the highest level cooling at a competitive price.

Kool Max® Cooling Vest

Call us at 1-800-763-8423 if you need help finding the right cooling products to manage your heat sensitivity this summer!

Beat the heat with Kool Max®!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Who would YOU walk across the country for?

Your mother? Your spouse? How about a total stranger? Drew Blondeaux did.

Drew, a 23 year old Navy Veteran, began a 3,600 mile journey in March from Oceanside, CA to New York, NY for a woman he had never met. Liz Estes, now 21, was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 13 years old and recently, after having been declared as in remission and finding out she was pregnant with her second child, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Having never met Liz, Drew decided to take action for her and her family whose story had touched his heart. Sporting a T-Shirt reading "Walk For Liz" and pushing a cart of supplies, Drew Bordeaux has currently made it as far as Pittsburgh, PA in his efforts to raise money for this special family. Upon passing through northeast Ohio, the Akron Beacon Journal published an article on his journey (read here ) and this article was soon read by our President here at Polar, Bill. Touched by Drew's random act of kindness, Bill has offered to donate a cooling vest to Liz for her MS and Drew for his journey.

Drew's story is inspiring and reminds us of the importance of giving to others, even those you have never met. Pretty amazing huh?

Check out his journey at

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Calling all dog owners!

With the summer heat kicking into high gear we aren't the only ones to feel it's effects, our dogs do too! Introducing: PolarPup™, Polar's very own line of cooling for dogs. Utilizing our Cool58™ cooling technology, your dog can enjoy safe, effective and comfortable cooling relief from the summer sun. Check out the full line of cooling vests and accessories for your dog on our website:

Have any questions? Call us to discuss this exciting new line!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Suffer from Arthritis?

An estimated 1 in 3 Americans do. Let our Soft Ice® Wraps help you like they did this satisfied customer:

"I have a "Polio Knee" with very bad arthritis, it hurts so bad I sometimes feel like cutting my leg off! The Polar Soft Ice packs are great, they take the pain away! I have homes in Clearwater, Florida and Akron, Ohio and I keep both stocked with your packs. I cannot find a similar pack anywhere in Florida." - Nick P.

Check out our Soft Ice® Deluxe Knee Wrap along with our complete line of therapy wraps and start easing your pain today!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

News from the CMSC

At the beginning of this month, Polar's President, Bill Graessle, and Account Executive, Jil Deabler, exhibited at the annual meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Clinics in Orlando, Florida.

Bill and Jil representing Polar

The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Clinics, or CMSC, is a non-profit organization for the education of healthcare providers and others affiliated with the MS community. The annual meeting is an opportunity for MS professionals to share new research studies and treatment strategies for managing MS.

Polar is proud of our commitment to the MS community and we attend the CMSC meeting every year. Jil and Bill had a great time meeting with many non-profit organizations to discuss our involvement with their programs and they appreciated every MSRN, neurologist and visitor who stopped by our booth to say hello! Jil was especially excited to see so many familiar friendly faces.

At the annual meeting we share our new products for the year and welcome feedback on existing products. We loved hearing how much our Kool Max® Ankle Wraps were appreciated by a fellow exhibitor with MS who struggled to keep her feet cool.

Kool Max® Ankle Wraps

Many visitors to the booth remarked that our Kool Max® Neck and Upper Spine Wrap was a favorite of their clients'.

Kool Max® Neck and Upper Spine Wrap

This event also marked the official launch of our pediatric cooling line: CoolKids™! There is increased awareness about pediatric MS, so we are excited to offer this new line of cooling vests and accessories designed specifically to help kids manage their heat sensitivity.

We introduced our new BEAT THE HEAT! pediatric cooling literature at the CMSC. Contact us to request free brochures for your MS clinic or support group.

Click here to download our catalogs!

Each year the CMSC gets our summer season off to a great start, and we return eager to find new ways to help you stay cool in the summer heat. From our tried and true best-sellers (like the Kool Max® Zipper Vest) to our innovative new products (like our Cool Comfort® Hybrid), we have the cooling products for your individual needs. Let us know how we can help!

Welcome back from the CMSC, little Sophia!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Considering an Active Ice® Cold Therapy System for an upcoming surgery?

Hear how our system has helped Paulette in Pennsylvania:

"Hello. My knee has a defect that has been lifelong, although I ski raced in college, volunteer ski patrol now and am very active I recently had ligament reconstruction surgery to correct the issue. I could not have made it this far with range of motion, swelling reduction and overall comfort without your active ice therapy system. I want to thank all of your employees and let you know how much this system has helped me. " - Paulette G in PA.

Thank you Paula! Order today for some serious post-surgery pain-relief :)