Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kool Max® Love from Down Under

We've said it before: our customers are the best! We've received some amazing testimonials from our customers with MS over the years, but this is our first poem and we love it. Thank you for sharing, Karen!

I had a condition this we did know
Whatever it was it still had to show
Through tests and worry it turned out MS
It could have been worse, a tragic big mess.

Hospital visits and long sleepless nights
I knew I would have to put up a fight
Then came the treatment of needles with pain
Three times a week, again and again.

Most times it does hurt, injecting that is.
But what can I do, it is what it is.
Depression, Fatigue, weakness and more
I wish this MS would go out the door.

My husband, my children and friends far and near
I thank you ALL for lending your ear.
When I’m sad or in pain or just feeling blue
I know that I can always count on YOU.

You’ve all been my rock from the very start
I hold you all dear and close to my heart
Without you all, who knows where I’d be
Your love and support you’ve shown towards me.

This my dear friends is why we need help
Donations abroad it all will be felt
Let’s kick this disease, a cure we’ll find
Then we can all rest with a peace of mind.

Near 4 years have passed,injections have changed
From rebif to Plegridy,what next is in store for me.
Though lately injections,they bring on the flu
They say take some painkillers, that’s all you can do.

The heat of last summer, well it threw me for six
I'm hoping this summer, will be a new fix.
Through internet I'm lucky to have found a great vest
Polar Products, that’s them, you guys are the best.

I wore mine today, and my thoughts, OMG,
this vest is amazing. What more could you need.
With all of my cooling, Hoping summer’s a breeze
Just hoping and praying, I'll handle it with ease.

Well this is my update of MY life with MS, Please call Polar Products, You will be impressed.