Friday, May 29, 2015

World MS Day & the CMSC

What a week! We honored Memorial Day, celebrated World MS Day and traveled to Indianapolis to exhibit at the annual meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers

World MS Day is a yearly event that brings the global Multiple Sclerosis community together to raise awareness, share stories and offer support for one another. As we work closely with many MS non-profits and individuals with MS, we are proud to help spread the word about World MS Day. We believe that everyone is #StrongerThanMS!

Polar Products attends the annual meeting of the CMSC every year. It's a great opportunity to meet with neurologists, MSRNs, MS non-profit organizations and many other key professionals in the MS community. We love making new connections as well as seeing old friends!

At the Polar Products booth, Bill and Rose have been sharing how body cooling can greatly benefit those dealing with MS heat sensitivity and demonstrating the benefits of our five different cooling technologies.

Rose at the CMSC in Indianapolis, IN

In honor of World MS Day, Polar Products is hosting a cooling vest giveaway! 

One lucky winner will receive a Kool Max® Men's Fashion Vest or Kool Max® Women's Fashion Vest, while five other winners will receive an MS Awareness Fashion Cooling Scarf.

The contest is open until Monday, June 1st. No purchase necessary.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! Polar Products would like to take a moment and remember the those who have served the United States, both past and present. We thank you for your dedication to protecting and serving our country.

With Memorial Day comes our favorite season - Summer! Now is the perfect time to bring out your cooling vest and garments as the temperature begins to rise. Our diverse line of cooling garments can help you stay cool during all of your favorite summer outdoor activities.




We're excited to share with you some of our new styles for the summer! If any grab your attention, act quickly - for a limited time we're offering 10% off your purchase of $200 or more! (See details and coupon code at the bottom of this post.)

The Kool Max® Women's Fashion Vest is now available in two new colors: light blue and pink!

Shop the Fashion Vest

Our best-selling vest style is now available with lightweight Cool58® Phase Change packs... in your choice of Polar Pink or Icy Light Blue!

Shop the Cool58®


You can also save even more money this summer with our Polar Products Cooling Kits! We've bundled together kits of our most popular products with a savings of 10%. Some of our most popular kits include...
  • Kool Max® Fashion Kit - includes a Kool Max® Fashion Vest, a Kool Max® Cooling Scarf and a complete extra set of Kool Max® packs for each product
List Price: $238.90  Current Price $215.00  You Save: $23.90 (10%)

  • Vacation Kit - includes a Cool58® Zipper Vest, Cool58® Neck Wrap, a Cool Comfort® Straw Hat and a complete extra set of Cool58® Packs for each product!
List Price: $294.40  Current Price: $265.00  You Save: $29.40 (10%)

  • Beach Kit - includes a Cool Comfort® Straw Hat, Cool58® Neck Band and a Polar Soft-Sided Cooler. 
List Price: $93.40  Current Price: $84.00  You Save: $9.40 (10%)

  • Gardening Kit - includes a Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest and a Straw Hat with Cool Comfort® insert
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For a limited time only, save 10% off your order of $200 and more! Use the code MDB15 at checkout.
(Offer expires 06/01/15.)

Be safe and stay cool this Memorial Day weekend...
and have a great summer!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our Top 10 Coolest Products!

Curious as to which Polar cooling vest or accessories is the most popular? Now you'll have an answer! 

We crunched the numbers and we have found that these are the TOP TEN cooling garments that our customers have purchased and enjoyed over the past five years:

1. Zipper Front Vest with Kool Max® Packs (#KMVZ)
(always a classic - this vest has been a best-seller since 1984!)

2. Kool Max® Cooling Neck & Upper Spring Wrap (#KMNCEX)

3. Pair of Kool Max® Cooling Wrist Wraps (#KMW Pair)

4. Women's Fashion Vest with Kool Max® Packs (#KMFV)

5. Kool Max® Cooling Neck and Head Wrap (#KMNC)

6. Cool Comfort® Crown Cooler (#CCCC)

7. Pair of Cool58® Bra Coolers (#PCBC)

8. Poncho Vest with Kool Max® Packs (#KMV)

9. Cool Comfort® Neck Band (#CCNB)

10. Secrets Vest with Kool Max® Packs (#KMS)

Don't forget - we love seeing our products in action! 

Send us a selfie and share your story by uploading your pic to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tagging #BePolarCool and #PolarProducts for a chance to be featured on our website!

We always appreciate your feedback! You can always e-mail

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What's New in Crain's Cleveland Business - the Polar Life Pod®!

Polar Products is excited to see the Polar Life Pod® being featured in this week's edition of Crain's Cleveland Business! We are featured in both the print and online versions of the magazine. Please visit the Crain's Cleveland Business website for the original web posting.


What's New for May 4, 2015: Polar Life Pod from Polar Products Inc. of Stow

COMPANY: Polar Products Inc., Stow

PRODUCT: Polar Life Pod

The family-owned manufacturing company describes the Polar Pod as a portable, on-demand system that can be set up quickly for rapid immersion in cold water to treat athletes and people who have become overheated at sporting events, concerts and other outdoor activities.

Polar Life Pod inventor Mike Laycox, a licensed athletic trainer, former paramedic and a certified emergency room nurse, worked with the company in designing the product.

Polar Products said the Polar Life Pod is packaged in a gym bag for easy transportation and “is convenient for coaches and athletic trainers to have on their sidelines for rapidly cooling overheated athletes.”

It has adjustable straps to form the Life Pod to the athlete, a floating head support and a full length, two-way zipper. It is made out of a heavy duty PVC and is capable of fitting children as well as athletes up to 7' tall and weighing up to 400 pounds.

Polar Products says it has been manufacturing body cooling and therapy systems since 1984 for a variety of markets, including medical, recreational, industrial, government and the military.

For information, visit