Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School with Polar Products


Notebooks? ✔ 

Cooling vest?! 

Are you ready for the school year? From kindergarten to college, here are our back to school Polar essentials: 

1. Don't let the late summer heat slow down your child on the playground! Send your child back to school with peace of mind with our effective and lightweight Cool Kids™ Cooling Kit

Cool Kids™ Cooling Kit

Our happy customer Jen says: 
"Just bought a mini-fridge for my daughter's class so she can keep her [cooling vest] cool at school. She loves it."

(Great idea, Jen!)

2. Is it back to the field or track for your young athlete? Pre-cooling, post-cooling, and cooling during exercise may help decrease the heating effects of activity. (Don't forget to stay hydrated and know the signs of heat related illnesses too.) Our CoolFit® Kit includes our best lightweight accessories for keeping cool before, during and after practice. 

CoolFit® Kit 
Includes neck, wrist and ankle wraps and a cooling Secrets torso wrap
with an extra set of Kool Max® packs for each product. 

3. Don't forget the school mascots... we know it gets hot in those costumes! Our Kool Max® Torso Vest is a favorite for mascots nationwide. 

Kool Max® Torso Vest

"The Kool Max cooling vest is very useful in my job. As mascot for the Akron Aeros it is very difficult, on those hot summer days, to remain cool. With the vest I can reduce the heat by 15 degrees inside my costume; and as little a difference you may think this is, it actually feels like a major one to me." Megan, Akron Aeros in OH

4. One more recommendation for your back to school list: Soft Ice® Compression Wraps and hot/cold packs! The packs stay soft and flexible when frozen and are great to have on hand for sports-related injuries. Reduce swelling and ease the pain with drug-free cold therapy. 

Soft Ice® Sports Therapy Field Kit

Always keep a Soft Ice® Pack on hand in the freezer...  
You never know when you may need to ice down an injury!

"This Soft Ice® Sports Therapy Compression Wrap works great! Our high school team loves it. " - Kirby in Ravenna, Ohio

5. Take your frozen cooling or cold therapy packs to school or practice in our soft-sided Polar Cooler!

Polar Cooler

PS: We wish several members of our Polar family the best as they back to school this semester... 

Kate with Benjamin on her last day at Polar

... and say farewell to our intern, Kate. "Intern" doesn't begin to describe Kate's contributions during her 15 months at Polar. She was our Customer Service representative extraordinaire, dedicated office administrative assistant, the PolarPup mastermind, an enthusiastic gardener, fearless product tester, our distinguished proofreader, spelling whiz, "Twitterer" and more... 

Kate, we miss you already! Best of luck as you begin graduate school in the big city!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Drivers, Keep Your Cool!

Truck drivers... 

Forklift drivers... 

Mail carriers... 

We've heard you... IT GETS HOT IN YOUR SEAT! 

Introducing our NEW Cool Flow® Industrial Seat System!

Cool Flow® Industrial Seat System

This seat and back cushion connects to a cooling reservoir filled with ice water. Cool water circulates through insulated, high flow tubing sewn throughout a durable nylon seat and back cushion that can be secured to your seat.

No leaks, no problem. The 13 quart cooler water-tight cooler can be secured on forklifts or other vehicles.

The system comes standard with Power Take-off Adapter that is compatible with any "cigarette lighter" outlet. (12 volt DC wall power transformer or Lithium-ion battery pack also available!)

Give us a call today at 1-800-763-8423 
for more information or to place a custom order

Friday, August 2, 2013

Polar's Best-selling Cooling Garments

It's been a very busy summer here at Polar!
Here are our top ten bestsellers in the summertime:

 20% of proceeds from this scarf, available in orange or blue paisley, benefit national MS non-profits!
"MS Awareness" Fashion Scarf

Save money with cooling kits! Kits include a vest, neck wrap and pair of wrist wraps with an extra set of Kool Max® cooling packs for each item. 

Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest Kit

These neck bands are hugely popular this summer. Simply soak in cool water to activate!

Cool Comfort® Neck Band

The Poncho vest has evolved since its introduction in the 1980's, and this one-size-fits-most is still a great choice!

Small and discreet, these packs simply tuck into a bra for a quick cool at 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Great for hot flashes!
Cool58 Bra Coolers

Introduced last year to great success, the Fashion vest is a discreet and comfortable way to stay cool!

Kool Max® Fashion Vest

Target key arteries in the wrists for effective and lightweight cooling. Very popular for running and other exercise.

Kool Max® Wrist Wraps

This wrap can be used around the head or neck for targeted, comfortable cooling.  Available in Black or Khaki.

Kool Max® Neck Wrap

A Polar Staff favorite! The additional cooling pack targets the upper spine for a higher level of cooling. 

Kool Max® Neck and Upper Spine Wrap

A year-round best-seller! This Kool Max® vest is ideal for most applications, from industrial workers to people with MS.  It adjusts for a custom fit. Kool Max® offers effective cooling in any climate.

Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest

Polar has Solutions for Cooling Every Body®! 
Call us at 1-800-763-8423 or visit to place an order. If you have any questions, we're happy to help.

Have a great weekend!