Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Cool First. Transport Second.

"Death from exertional heat stroke is 100 percent preventable when proper recognition and treatment protocols are implemented..." 

"Cold water immersion is the most effective way to treat a patient with exertional heat stroke..."

"An athlete suffering from exertional heat stroke should always be cooled first (via cold water immersion) before being transported by EMS to an emergency facility..." 

Excerpts from the Executive Summary of National Athletic Trainers’ Association Position Statement on Exertional Heat Illnesses (2014)

Mike and Bill at the NATA Clinical Symposia and AT Expo
this summer in St. Louis, MO. 

The Polar Life Pod® is the only product expressly design for the purpose of cold water immersion... whenever and wherever needed! (Comparison of cooling technologies link)

Watch a Real Time Demonstration 
of the Polar Life Pod®:

The patent pending Polar Life Pod® was designed by Mike Laycox, a licensed athletic trainer, paramedic and former certified emergency room RN with over 30 years of clinical sports medicine, emergency room and EMS experience. 

See what Mike has to say about the Polar Life Pod®: 

Do you have questions about the Polar Life Pod®? 
Contact Mike Mockbee, Senior Product Manager 
Call: 1.800.763.8423

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